For your loved ones,
for you, and for the planet

For your loved ones,
for you, and for the planet

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Do you know exactly what they need? Is it a fun gift, a meaningful gift, or a little bit of both? If you can't choose the right present, we have a solution for you.

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Valentine's Day

Have you been searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Or maybe you're just looking to treat yourself to something special. Well look no further than Bluehouse World, where you'll find a wide range of eco-friendly products that are sure to make your day.


When you order products through our site, the shipping rate varies depending on the brands you choose and the number of stores you select. We are a marketplace, which means that we connect you to more than 50 different stores. Each store has different rates, some offer free shipping across their entire catalog and others offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount. As we do not own a warehouse, we recommend shopping smartly and reaching the threshold for free shipping at each store to reduce costs.

No worries, if you have an account just request the return from your order. If you bought as a guest, please contact us at [email protected] we will be happy to help you =). Please read more about our Refund and Return conditions. On top of that, some stores offer free returns and exchanges, while others do not. So make sure you read the Return Policy in each product!

Yes! We stand with the premise that all stores have fair & safe working conditions, and there are no animals harmed in the process. Please see the Blue Labels for more information.

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