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Cleaning your house with chemicals? That's no longer necessary. Plastic packaging for your cleaning product? Why? Single use bags from the supermarkt? No! With the Bluehouse World sustainable Kitchen & Clean assortment you completely ban plastic and chemical rubbish from your home! From natural cleaning products from Zo Schoon to reusable sandwich bags and from vegan "beeswax" cloths (!) and the circular glasses from ReBottled to a reusable silicone baking mat from Beewise. Can't find what you're looking for? Or do you have an idea for other products that cannot be missing from our sustainable marketplace? Let us know!

Refill cleaning products
Let's take a moment to talk about our partner Zo Schoon. Did you know that traditional cleaning products like all purpose or kitchen cleaner, only contain 20% active ingredients? The rest is plain water. Yes, 80% water that you also have in your own tap, at home. If we would eliminate the water from the cleaning product, that will save us 80% transport costs and for example 80% CO2 emissions. Zo Schoon has made their refill super concentrated. They deleted all the water they could from the product. You pour the refill into your amber glass Zo Schoon bottle, add water from your own tap, shake it....and there you go: a fully refilled gorgeous amber glass spray bottle with active, natural, toxic-free cleaning product.There is a Zo Schoon solution for your glass surfaces, your bathroom, your kitchen and an all purpose cleaner. Isn't that awesome? Yes it is! And we did not even mention their amazing smell! Try it for yourself! There is a starter kit of all variants, there are separate refill bags and there is the complete 4-in-1 collection with all variants, all refills and the amazing Zo Schoon microfiber cloths. So, what are you waiting for? Zo schoon!
Kitchen paper alternatives
Did you know that we cut down 27.000 (!) trees a day for toilet - and kitchen paper? That's an insane amount, right? Especially since there are so many alternatives on the market that are 100% environmentally friendly! The Bamboo Kitchen Towels by The Good Roll are made of....bamboo (duh) that grows 30 times faster and produces 35% more oxygen than trees. However, there are more options: The Sponsdoek by Zo Schoon can be used as a dishcloth and as kitchen paper. Made from biodegradable, natural materials. And, since you are not throwing anything away anymore, even more environmentally friendly. And last but not least there are the Microfiber cloths by Zo Schoon: made from recycled materials and reusable up to 300 times! Who needs classic kitchen paper when you can have these great alternatives?!
Natural Sponges
Another product we want to highlight here is our collection of natural and vegan sponges. As you might know, a traditional sponge is a living creature. Since we are (trying to be) vegan, we don't sell the traditional sponge. Neither do we want to promote the plastic scouring pads, since these just rub the microbeads right into our surface water. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives. The recycled fishing net sponge by Boavista for example, made from rescued fishing nets! The coco-fibre sponge by Zo is scratch free, so great for pans, glass and stainless steel surfaces. And then there is the Loofah dish sponge by Beewise, made from the Luffa plant. No need to ever choose a plastic- or animal based alternative ever again!

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