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You also only want to put natural products on your face, right? Natural, cruelty-free and without plastic? It actually makes so much sense! The sustainable range of Facial Care from Bluehouse World makes this very easy. All our products are not tested on animals and contain only natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. Furthermore, our partners have thought intensively about their packaging. Consciously enjoy the delicious scrubs, creams and soap blocks from Zero Waste Path, Cinque Sensi, Bambooya, Beewise and many more. But also reusable cotton pads and washcloths are part of our range, just like the nicest natural konjac sponges and a number of delicious products with argan oil.

Why reusable cotton pads?
Talking about those reusable cotton pads, they might require some explanation. At Bluehouse, we sell a few different options of this great, plastic free and super long lasting product. By the way, did you know that by using reusable make up pads for a year, you save on average 1500 (!) single use cotton make up pads, in around 25 plastic rolls (that often come in plastic packs of 3 plastic rolls..) Keeping in mind that the production of 1kg of cotton costs 20.000 liters of water, imagine what an impact these single use cotton rounds have on the environment. All this can simply be avoided by using washable cotton pads. And with the €2 an average roll of single use cotton pads costs, you'll get your investment back in no-time!
Cotton or Bamboo make up pads
Washable make up pads are usually made of cotton, but Bluehouse World also sells bamboo pads that are partly made of bamboo. This makes them softer yet stronger than their cotton colleagues. You can find an example of the bamboo pads here. Often, the reusable cotton rounds have a different structure on both sides. One textured terry for removing make up, one soft flannel for toning your face, like these beauties by The Eden Girl.Feel inspired to change to more reusable and plastic free items for your bathroom? You have come to the right place. We have plenty more plastic-free facial care in stock!


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