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Did you know that water from plastic bottles requires 3500 (!) times more raw materials than tap water? In addition, drinking tap water is 150 times cheaper and you can be sure that you are not ingesting any micro plastics or other chemicals from your plastic bottle. Certainly in the Netherlands, where the tap water is of top quality, drinking from a plastic bottle is nonsense. But then what to do when you are on-the-go? That's where VANN or Logic comes in! Stainless steel, BPA-free thermos water bottles that keep your water cold for 24 hours. Or your tea or coffee hot for 12 hours. There are water bottles with a capacity of 1 liter or 500 ml and the drinking bottles have different caps. For example, you have the option of drinking from your water bottle with a straw, or you can opt for the pouring cap. In addition, VANN donates €1 per bottle sold to the Plastic Soup Foundation. So doubly effective!


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