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Cleaning with chemical materials, or with products in plastic packaging, is really unnecessary. A plastic bottle does not improve the effect of your cleaning product, and chemicals are really no longer indispensable to make your house or your clothes clean and bacteria-free.Let's take a moment to talk about washing clothes. Every time you wash your clothes, you use around 60 liters of water. However, that's the least of your problems: in each washing cycle, around 18 million (!) microplastics are released. Especially if your clothes are made from synthetic materials like polyester, nylon and fleece. One solution for this huge problem is to put a filter on your washing machine (for example the one from A cheaper solution is the so-called Guppyfriend laundry bag. And of course it's easy to change to plastic free laundry leaves, like these ones from Boen.When it comes to cleaning your house or your dishes, there are also plenty of plastic free and chemical free alternatives. Vinegar, baking soda, lemon and salt are well known natural cleaning products. Bluehouse World also has a wide range of these natural products in store. Boavista's solid detergent block for example, a great product for washing dishes. Or the whole range of Zo's cleaning products; natural cleaning products that come with a plastic-free refill. Useful for your kitchen, bathroom, glass surfaces..and no chemicals! And - also quite important - they look beautiful in your home!And when you are at it, don't forget to order our microfibre cloths and kitchen rolls made from recycled material, beautiful amber glass bottles and environmentally friendly sponges. This will make cleaning (almost!) fun!


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