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Our easy-to-use platform and our growing community are waiting to increase your sales. We welcome you to join our mission to make this world a better place.



Spend less time seeking visitors. Produce and develop your ethical product and we will take care of the rest! Get extra social media exposure through our social platforms.


Our easy-to-handle platform will allow you to effortlessly manage sales for your account!


When you sell an item on Bluehouse there is a 10% service fee + payment processing fee. This varies with the different payment methods. A Monthly cost fee is deducted from your Mollie account: €2.31 + 0.20% (incl. VAT).


What can you sell on Bluehouse?

We rely 10 sustainability values to decide whether a product is suitable for our marketplace: The Blue Label

Each of the goods displayed on our platform includes at least three of these labels, the first two being “Fair & Safe Working Conditions” and “Cruelty Free”.


Anyone that creates or sells ethical, environmentally friendly, healthy or eco products/ services can create a store and sell on Bluehouse.

We do require that all products respect at least 3 of our Blue Labels, being the first two "Fair & Safe Working Condition" and "Cruelty Free". 

Read more of Blue Labels here

Before starting, please read Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

IMPORTANT! Check that your products respect the Blue Labels, our set of criteria, that makes Bluehouse the conscious marketplace

  1. Click on Sign up button, and select “Enter as a seller”.
  2. Fulfil the form with the information required and download the Sustainability Statement. 
  3. Submit the form.  
  4. Send the Sustainability Statement to [email protected]
  5. In the next 1-5 working days you will receive a confirmation email with Next Steps. In the event that the form is not completed correctly or we have any doubt about your submission we will contact you for further questions.  
  6. Complete your Selling Account + Payment Account in Stripe
  7. Upload your products
  8. Start Selling! 😀

Our fees are simple and transparent.

When you sell on Bluehouse, there are some fees related to the services offered.

  • Commission per Transaction

When you sell an item on Bluehouse there is a 10% service fee + Payment Processing Fee*.

*Payment Processing Fee varies with the different payment methods.

  • iDEAL – €0.25

  • European Credit Card: 1.80 % + €0.20

  • Bancontact – €0.34

  • Refunds (all payment methods): €0.23

*Pricing is excl. VAT

Other Methods: Giropay 1.5% + €0.20 / SOFORT Banking: 0.90% + €0.20 / PayPal: €0.09/ 

  • Mollie Account Monthly Cost

In order to get paid within Bluehouse platform, it is required to create a Mollie account.

  • Mollie Account Fee: Pay €1.75 per month
  • Payouts: Pay €0.25 per batch (We suggest 1 per month to reduce this cost)
  • Funds Routing: Pay 0.20% per split transaction


Read more about it in the Sellers Guideline.

You only need Products, photos of the product and a bank account where we can pay you.

We attach great importance to the transparency of each uploaded product, that is why we ask each seller to respect the Blue Labels and detail the materials / ingredients and production process.

Also you need to complete a Sustainability Statement in your registration as a seller. 

Our mission is to bring ethical, transparent and sustainable products closer to our growing community.


We do not want you to worry about marketing costs, because that is our job! We are a team, and as a team, we will make our community grow and showcase your eco-friendly product. 


Buyers can easily find your store just by browsing our search engine or filtering by brands. Also, we will promote your business, products and information through our multiple marketing platforms. 


Let's spread consciousness towards a better world! 🙌

No! Our easy-to-handle platform allows you to create your Store in simple Steps. You will need of course your Brand Logo, product photo and the information of your business. Please, if you need any advice to enhance your store, contact us to [email protected]

We use Mollie as a payment method, so the first thing to do once you set up your account is connect with Mollie (within the Bluehouse Dashboard) and follow the steps. 

Always keep this information updated so your deposits are transferred without delay.

Payments that are made by consumers to your store will be shown on the dashboard in your account and we will transfer these amounts to your bank account on a monthly basis. 

Per transaction with a consumer we will deduct a service fee + payment processing fee that depends on the payment method. In order to allow for these payment methods offered by Mollie we will also charge you a monthly fee, starting from your first sale on the platform. Please see Fee information.

Read more about it in the Sellers Guideline.

You don't need to worry about this. Our payment system will take care of it. You will be able to see all of your account movements on your Dashboard.

Of course 😁! We’d be delighted if you used our platform as your main sales channel.

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