This is a brief Guideline that aims to help sellers to understand their participation within Bluehouse marketplace.


Our fees are simple and transparent.

When you decide to open your store at Bluehouse, there are some fees related to the services offered.

01. Transaction Fees

When you sell an item on Bluehouse there is a 10% service fee + payment processing fee. This fee is deducted per successful transaction.

Service fee

Bluehouse collects 10% of the total item cost (including VAT). Shipping costs and returns are not charged with a commission.

Payment Processing fees 

Important information: Starting from October 1st, there will be a minor adjustment in Mollie Fixed fees, which will be updated by 8.9%. Find below the update.

This varies according to the type of payment method.

Here are our rates for Dutch merchants:

  • iDEAL – €0.27
  • Eurpean Credit Card:  1.80 % + €0.22
  • Refunds (all payment methods): €0.27
  • Chargeback (Creditcard): €22.65

*Pricing is excl. VAT

02. Mollie Account Monthly Cost

In order to receive payment, you need to create an account with our payment services provider Mollie. Please use the functionality in your account on our platform to do so.

  • Mollie Account Fee: Pay €1.91 per month
  • Payouts: Pay €0.27 per batch (We suggest 1 per month to reduce this cost)
  • Funds Routing: Pay 0.20% per split transaction

This cost is deducted from your account on the payout date once a month. 

IMPORTANT! We do not deduct the Mollie Account Fee Monthly cost from your account for brands until you start selling above your threshold (the minimum amount considered for you to not loose profit). We made this decision as we appreciate your support at Bluehouse World and find it better this way. 

03. What does 10% of Bluehouse service entail?

Of course it’s part of our partnership profit, but we would like to be clear about what does this percentage means:

  • 1% of our profits goes to NGOs we support worldwide
  • A % for Shipping Services that are not charged to the vendor (This depends on the Payment method customer has chosen)
  • Marketing investments. Yes! This is part of our business strategy to accomplish our mission: naturalize conscious consumption and bring your ethical product closer to new consumers.

Requirements to be a seller

What do you need to know  about having a Store at Bluehouse World and what we need from you. 

Please read Terms of Service and Seller Policies for complete information. 

01. Who can sell on Bluehouse

Anyone that creates or sells ethical, environmentally friendly, healthy or eco products / services can create a store and sell on Bluehouse. 

We do require that:

  • Sellers honestly comply with our Sustainable Statement.
  • Sellers respect our Terms & Conditions. 
  • Products respect our Blue Labels policy.
  • Products display comply with the information required and transparency.

02. Items that can be sold in Bluehouse

We rely on 12 sustainability values to decide whether a product is suitable for our marketplace. Blue Labels are a wide selection criteria we find vital for our ecosystem of products to respect.

Each of the goods displayed on our platform includes at least three of these labels, the first two being “Fair & Safe Working Conditions” and “Cruelty Free”

  1. Fair & Safe Working Conditions
  2. Cruelty Free
  3. Plastic Free
  4. Vegan
  5. Recycled
  6. Organic
  7. Waste Reduction
  8. Emissions Reduction
  9. Circularity
  10. Palm Oil Free
  11. BPA- Free
  12. Natural Ingredients
  13. Upcycle
  14. Made In Europe

The labels should be used with criteria and honesty. They are a (non-official) certification within Bluehouse Marketplace that define the product as a Conscious Good. The labels represent a conscious alternative for the product production.

03. Prohibited Item List

  • We remind you of some of the items that are NOT allowed to sell on our Conscious Marketplace. Please respect our community!
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia. 
  • Animal Products (this includes leather) 
  • Dangerous Items: Hazardous Materials, Recalled Items, and Weapons
  • Hate Items: Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Hatred
  • Illegal Items, Items Promoting Illegal Activity, and Highly Regulated Items
  • Internationally Regulated Items
  • Pornography and Mature Content
  • Violent Items: Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Violence
  • Non-renewable battery powered electrical equipment (e.g. a single use battery)
  • Products that do not respect our Blue Labels policy.

Payment service

For our payment procedure we use Mollie Connect.

01. Setting up Mollie account

The Mollie account setup is made through Bluehouse Dashboard. Click on “Connect with Mollie” and follow the steps. This will redirect to the Mollie interface to complete the information required for a successful sign up. 

02. Payout procedure

Payments that are made by consumers to your name will be shown on the dashboard in your account and we will transfer these amounts to your bank account on a monthly basis. 

Per transaction with a consumer we will deduct a service fee + payment processing fee that depends on the payment method. In order to allow for these payment methods offered by Mollie we will also charge you a monthly fee, starting from your first sale on the platform. Please see Fee information.


Our partner is Fietkoeriers. We recommend checking this link to ensure that your location is available for pick up to use our shipping. Please contact us to [email protected] to create your sub account. 

Not in the zone? No worries, we have another partner, DHL parcels. Contact us anyway and we will look for the best solution for your business. 

Own shipping courier? Please provide us with the details about your courrier (Company Name, Rate, Contact Number, email)  and we will contact you back ASAP.

01. Shipping Costs Rates

Rates for sending your package by Fietskoeriers or DHL Parcels within The Netherlands. 


Up to 5 kg / 10 liters

Longest side 120 cm and other sides 60 cm


This costs are paid directly by the customer, or you can choose a tailored shipping method.

02. Setting up Shipping Methods

The default shipping method is DHL or Fietskoeriers (depending on your location).

To set your tailored methods, go to your Dashboard > Settings > Shipping and click “Add Shipping Methods”

Choose the method you wish to add:

Free Shipping

Free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to spend more and reduce shipping cost. For example, offer free shipping on orders over €50. Pay the shipping for your customer.

If you have products that already includes Free shipping we recommend to edit the product and go to section “Shipping & Tax” and select as Shipping Class “Free Shipping”. This will allow your product to be filter as Free Shipping product.

Local Pickup

Allow your customer to pick-up their purchase directly from your Store. Help them save money and reduce shipping footprint!

Note: When you hover over a shipping method name you can see 2 buttons. Click on the edit button to make changes to the shipping method. You can also choose to delete shipping methods. Click on the toggle button to disable the use of the method for as long as you want.

Flat Rate

Do you have your own shipment and want to continue with it. So this is your best option.  As told before, by default you will have Bluehouse Courrier Rate (€5.61).  If you selected  this option, the customer will view your shipping price.

03. Setting up Processing & Delivery Time

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Processing & Delivery.

This feature will help the customer to understand when the product will be delivered at its home. 

  • Cut off time: Select the time until you can prepare the order to ship the same day. 
  • Processing Time: The day/s you take to prepare the order.
  • Shipping Time: This depends on your courrier. If you deliver with Fietskoeriers, please select 1-2 Business days. If you deliver with DHL, please select 3-5. If you deliver with your own courrier, please complete the information.

*Saturday and Sunday are not taken into account. 

GO TO VACATIONS: Now find it in the Processing & Delivery Tab!  If you go on vacation, products will still be online! However, customer will be notify in each product of your store that delivery times can be longer than expected (example display above)

This is how will look like: 

04. Processing your order to ship

What are the next step once the customer had made the purchase of the product?

This are the path of each party involved:




Order Placed

An email notification will arrive in your inbox. In dashboard > order, will appear the order as “Processing Order”

An email notification will arrive in their inbox. In dashboard will appear as “Processing Order”

Processing Order

Prepare your order.


  1. Enter Dabba
  2. Select the order and go to download Label 
  3. If you count with pickup service you can notify FK to pick-up // If you bring into the Service Point proceed after having your package ready.  

DHL Parcel: Wait until the label is processed by Bluehouse which will appear in your order. 

Own Shipping (*)

Waiting Seller to mark the order as “Completed”

Completed Order

Once the Label is printed and the package is ready, please update the order to “Completed”

If you prefer to deliver at a DHL service point, when updating to completed, add a private note in your order “DHL service point”.

An email notification will arrive in their inbox as “Order Complete – Ready to ship/Pickup). In dashboard will


An email notification will be sent directly from our courrier with all the data needed.

An email notification will be sent directly from our courrier with all the data needed.

(*) In case you take care of your sales logistics we ask you to please respect the detailed times from your profile (cut-off time, processing time, delivery time) so we can offer a great experience to your customer.


Our partner is Fietskoerier and DHL Parcel. 

01. Return Costs Rates

Rates for sending your package by Fietskoerier and DHL Parcels within The Netherlands. 


Up to 5 kg / 10 liters

Longest side 120 cm and other sides 60 cm


These costs are paid directly by the customer unless you selected “Free Shipping” in RMA settings. 

02. Setting Return Policy

Add your Return & Refund policies for your Store.

Go to your Dashboard > Settings > RMA and complete. 

  1. Select if your products has Return 
  2. Complete Length Value (Minimum of 14 days)
  3. Return Policy: Select between Free shipping or Return Paid by customer
  4. RMA Policy: All RMA policy should be aligned with our main  Return Policy (link here). Please write additional information as, condition of the package, or extra notes for the customer. 

If one of your product exempt from your RMA Policy:

  1. Go to the Product and click edit.
  2. Go to the RMA Options section and tick “Override your default RMA settings for this product”
  3. Complete the fields.

03. Return request by customer

What happen when the customer Request a Return? Easy, a notification will be sent to your email and you can see the Return Request on your dashboard.

This are the steps you can take to Complete the return:

  1. Enter to “Return Request” tab on your dashboard
  2. Click on “manage”
  3.  Change status to “Processing”. In this stage, you can talk with the customer to arrange the requisites for returning the item
  4. Contact us to [email protected] with the Order number so we can proceed with the Return Shipping.
  5. Once the order has been shipped, please mark as reviewing.
  6. If you accept the Refund, contact us by the same email that you have accepted the return and refund. We will mark the Return Request as “Completed” once the order has been regund. 

🙌 Get Started!

Before starting, please read Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

IMPORTANT! Please respect our Blue Labels that are our set of criteria that make Bluehouse the conscious marketplace

  1. Click on Sign up button, and select “Enter as a seller”.
  2. Fulfill the form with the information required and download the Sustainability Statement. 
  3. Submit the form.  
  4. Once completed, send the Sustainability Statement to [email protected]
  5. In the next 1-5 working days you will receive a confirmation email with Next Steps. In the event that the form is not completed correctly or we have any doubt about your submission we will contact you for further questions.  
  6. Complete your Selling Account + Payment Account in Mollie
  7. Upload your products
  8. Start Selling!

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