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Ever thought of a safety razor? A durable, classic razor that will last a lifetime. No more disposable razors, just one beautiful shaver from Bambooya or Oceonics. With a safety razor, you shave much closer to the skin, which means less skin irritation and ingrown hairs. And less shaving sessions, saving you time and money. And let's not forget the effect of not throwing away your whole razor after five to seven shaves! It is known that, in the US only, over 2 billion of disposable razors are thrown away. That's an insane amount, right? A safety razor is definitely the answer here! Better for you, your wallet, the planet, the looks on your bathroom table...everything!The Bluehouse World Shaving & Accessories range has safety razors in all your favourite colours. From rose gold to bright yellow and from black to a soft green. Our assortment also includes vegan shaving brushes, plastic-free shaving soap and delicious toxic-free aftershave lotion from Cinque Sensi. And let's not forget the sharp and sharply priced stainless steel double edged razor blades! 10 platinum razor blades for your Bambooya safety razor for only €2.95. All the safety razors we sell come with a pack of razor blades to get going as soon as possible. Do you want to switch to add even more to your sustainable shaving experience? Then check out our Bambooya Safety Razor starter kits with shaving brush and shaving soap. These are also super nice as a gift!Sustainable shaving within reach with the Bluehouse World Shaving & Accessories category. Be cool, save the planet!


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