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Slow Fashion brands, sustainable bags, vegan shoes; Discover our entire assortment of conscious wear & accessories here. Bluehouse World is very strict when selecting our assortment of clothing and accessories. We want fair working conditions, sustainable materials, low environmental impact and plastic-free and vegan where possible. With brands such as Tiesjurt, Hemper and CURQ, we make sustainable clothing the new standard. They are all made from circular and sustainable materials, so these products have the least possible impact on the planet. How about brass jewelry, vegan cork sneakers and bags made from hemp? Plastic-free and 100% cruelty-free. Fair clothing, shoes and accessories that make you feel better. Of course at Bluehouse World. Let's take a moment to highlight some of our favourite brands.

Tiesjurt, organic cotton unisex basics
T-shirts and more, that's Tiesjurt, our long lasting clothing partner. Sustainably produced unisex t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters and kidswear. Solid coloured, or printed with designs from international artists. Are you feeling creative? Tiesjurt also has a line of customizable clothing, that you can print as you wish. Check them out!
Iron Roots, sustainable sportswear for him and her
Most sportswear is made of plastic materials like polyester, nylon and elastane. Not only is that a problem by the time of production, but also washing these plastic clothes and later on throwing them out has a huge impact on the environment. Iron Roots does not use any plastic in their production process. Their sports- and loungewear is made from natural materials like hemp, eucalyptus and beechwood. That saves up to 60% on CO2 emissions during production only! Imagine how that effect lasts in your own closet! What are you waiting for? Find their complete assortment here!
Never getting out of bed with the pyjamas by Jampis
Transport has a large share in the CO2 emissions of the clothing industry. Flying fabrics from Brazil to India to get them dyed. By road from India to Bangladesh to get them made. By boat from Bangladesh to Eastern Europe to get them finished. From there to a central warehouse, and from there to the shops. Jampis designs, grows, dyes, prints and produces their pyjamas entirely in Barcelona and its surroundings. But that's not the only thing that will make you feel good about these pyjamas. Try wearing them! You will never want to take them off again. We warned you!

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