If you came all the way here, it’s because your journey invited you to rethink many practices. In this article you’ll learn how to go zero waste at your home’s bathroom.

We know how traditional supermarkets continue to offer us plastic containers and packaging for products that also have a huge carbon footprint, in (almost) all of them. This, added to a plastic waste processing system that varies greatly depending on the town or neighborhood, means that more and more Dutch people are looking for self-managed solutions within their homes, as stated in this article by our friends at Dutch Review.

All this leads us to one rule to rule them all: choose when buying.

  • This point is the most sensitive in terms of making our daily contribution towards a more sustainable environment as citizens. In our actions lies the possibility of favoring businesses that collectively carry out more conscious practices towards the care of our planet.
  • So let’s pay attention to the characteristics and route of the products we choose. We must be prudent and verify if their presentations are plastic-free, if their production was carried out minimizing waste during processing and how biodegradable are the components of the product that we are buying, among others.

Going back to the three spots… a new day dawns and along with it, new possibilities

1st SPOT:  Conscious teeth

When we wake up in the morning, we head to one of the first obligatory stops: brush our teeth. This task is careful with our oral health but can often be harmful to the environment.

The plastics in toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes are big polluters, they take 450 years to degrade, meaning most of the plastics you’ve used so far are probably still somewhere on earth.

We offer you another form of oral care: Bamboo toothbrushes from sustainable sources + environmentally friendly + dentist-approved + reliable + biodegradable.

Free yourself from plastic and the additives and preservatives found in toothpastes. Go fresh with this amazing thoothpaste tablets that we presented to you a while ago. Join their benefits for yourself and for our planet!

2nd SPOT: Plastic-free showers

Surely the waters are divided between the “bathers” in the morning and those who prefer the shower in the afternoon. Nevertheless, both groups are invited to a plastic-free bath.

More than one of us will be able to relate to the image of having various containers on the shower shelves piling up. Most shampoo and conditioner containers are plastic and their use is usually for a limited time before we dispose them.

In addition, traditional products contain substances that are unknown to us, many of which can be toxic to our bodies such as parabens, phthalates, petroleum derivatives. Also, a large number of these products are not exempt from animal cruelty (such as the testing process) and include ingredients of animal origin.

We invite you to change this scene for biodegradable and solid shampoo, soap and conditioner, 100% plant-based and with natural ingredients. The beautiful thing about all this is that when you finish using them, they simply wear out and “disappear” without leaving a trace.

3rd SPOT- Sustainable skin care

Every skin care routine includes moisturizing. What if we also include 3R?

Reused, republished and reloved

Upcircle’s facial moisturizer is made from the fine powder of argan husks. These husks are a natural by-product discarded from the argan oil industry.

This extremely thin powder provides all the antioxidant qualities of vitamin E. In addition to being dermatologically tested, plastic and cruelty free. Also, it’s a great chance to improve your zero waste bathroom.

Another major contaminant are wet wipes, added to our homes in recent decades. The danger of this invention is the speed with which they are used and discarded immediately. Also, the synthetic fibers from these products disintegrate into plastic microparticles ending up directly in our oceans.

And… oh surprise! These fibers can take more than 100 years to degrade.

Can we avoid its use?

Of course! We can also add reusable cloths to our bathroom kit. They can be easily washed and have a shelf life of months to even years.