Our future and the one of many future generations is in our hands. In small actions of every day, which together represent a great change. So, we bring you here some ideas for your new year’s sustainable resolutions!

The transition into a more eco-friendly way of life does not have to be abrupt. Starting to become aware of the origin of the things that surround us with a critical look is essential. In the same way, we may think… Where will the product go when I’m done with it?

1- Optimize our home

Have you ever bought something you already had at home? Well… it did happen to us!

Between the rushes, the increasingly full drawers and closets where we no longer know what’s in there, we lose things.

This new year’s resolution proposes to gradually organize and order (yes, Marie Kondo style) the spaces in our house. That way, we can be more aware of what we have and avoid unnecessary purchases. Also, it’s a great occasion to donate things like clothes, kitchen items, decorations, that we no longer need.

TIP→  If you ever need something for a short period of time you may want to consider a rental.

Folding ideas from Marie Kondo

2- Take shorter showers

The water crisis it’s here to stay. Climate change, natural disasters, wars and conflicts are some of the reasons for water shortage, along with wastewater

According to Green Harvard, an average shower of 10 minutes uses 75 litres of water. By reducing shower time by 2 minutes, we can do our bit to conserve water.

In addition, you can upgrade your bathroom into a zero waste one. Check out these recommendations!

3- Cut out paper towels

The market for paper towels is on the rise in the EU. And the Netherlands are among the countries with the highest use of these disposable materials.

Only in the US 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used each year. So… What can we do instead? We can use dishcloths, old t-shirts, old socks, or cloth napkins instead.

Furthermore, you can be aware of the toilet paper you use: is it from a sustainable source? Is it recycled? In our Marketplace you can find all the information about where The Good Roll comes from and how to help with your purchase to build bathrooms in deprived areas.

4- Audit your Plastic Waste

An excellent way to realize how much plastic waste we generate is to collect it for a certain period of time.

This New Year’s resolution involves separating plastic waste (all types) and storing it for a week or better… for a month! In this way, we can become aware to reduce purchases of products with plastic (especially single-use ones). In addition, we can take action and find out the recycling possibilities in our locality.

See lots of plastic free items you can choose!

5- Say goodbye to plastic bags

itch and switch! Plastic bags are a major planet contaminant. It takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to degrade. And usually it means becoming microplastics that absorb toxins and continue to pollute the environment.

Switching to reusable bags can avoid an enormous amount of trash in landfills. Of course, if you have plastic bags in your house, don’t throw them away! Use them several times until it is no longer possible. Here’s a way to fold them Kondo style 😀

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6- Go vegan!

Deforestation and its consequences on climate change are linked to animal agriculture. In addition to the animal abuse that it involves, it’s one of the least sustainable activities in the world. 

If you are not ready to make your way to veganism, one of the goals this year may be to reduce the consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs to start on the path to a more conscious life.

And if you have been thinking about becoming a vegan for a long time, you can join the veganuary, and take your vegan test in the first month of the year accompanied by a great community. (Pst! Stay tuned because soon we will tell more about this!)

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7- Vote and be informed

There are many ways to vote, one of them is with your purchase choices. By favoring sustainable producers we also help move the balance. 

It is equally important to be involved in the electoral processes of our region to elect our representatives. Worldwide, you can read here all 17 sustainable development goals from the UN

Here’s a list of our favorite media to be informed about: , My Eco Resolution, Only one, Plant based news, Earthlined Ed and Dutch Review 

Finally, we share this selection of zero waste documentaries from The Eco Hub that we thought was great!

See you soon!