We are aware about pollution created by logistics, and thats why we offer to our vendors the possibility to have a green logistic. 

Every store has their own shipping method. We are continuosly looking for new partners that can provide the vendors with green shipping. This are some of the companies we use to ship your order. 

Fietskoeriers: The first and only bicycle delivery service that delivers throughout the Netherlands. Read more about them here >>

DHL Parcel: DHL Parcel has launched the GoGreen compensation program. 

GOGREEN is a carbon-neutral shipping option for customers of DHL.  With the GOGREEN optional service, all transport-related emissions of carbon dioxide are first calculated and then offset through external climate protection projects.

The carbon credits generated from external climate protection projects are managed by our in-house Carbon Management team. Carbon Management, all GOGREEN processes and the emissions-calculation methodology are verified annually by a third-party verifier, SGS.

Read more about DHL Parcels here.

We recommend you contact the Seller directly first from the Seller’s store page. You can then follow up your order and ask for any tracking information to help locate your order.

The response will be updated on your Account Setting > Seller Support Ticket and you will be notified by email. 

If you don’t receive a response within three business days, then please send an email with the order details to [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

This can vary based on the delivery method that the Store has provided, it also depends on your location. Every store has a Delivery & Shipping time estimated in their single-view product. 

All the stores ship within The Netherlands. 

We look forward to shipping throughout Europe in the near future!

The shipping rate varies depending on the brand chosen and the amount of stores you selected on your order. As a marketplace we hub more than 50 stores which means that each store has different rates. Some offer free shipping in all their products and some offer from a certain threshold. We do not own a warehouse, so probably you will need to shop smartly and reach the free shipping for each store to reduce costs.

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