Within a few weeks we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day. If your mom is a fan of sustainability, we have plenty of earth-aligned gifts she might like.

A sustainable mom prioritizes environmentally conscious practices at home, but also at the office, exercising or taking care of herself. If your family strives to reduce environmental impact in daily life, the perfect gift for your mom has to be eco-friendly!

Now… What can we keep in mind to choose a conscious gift

  • The source of the materials→ We always should prefer natural or recycled materials that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Such as: bamboo, organic cotton, recycled plastic. 

  • Minimal packaging→ In order to minimize waste packaging must be made from reusable, recyclable, or compostable materials. It may come in a reusable cloth bag or a box made from recycled materials, rather than excess wrapping paper or plastic.

  • Prefer local production→ Reduce transportation emissions by supporting the local economy. 

  • Durability→ It’s important to wonder.. Is it intended to last or a single-use product? 

  • Ethical production→ A sustainable gift is produced under fair labor practices and without exploiting workers or harming animals. This means avoiding items made in sweatshops, with child labor, or from animal products such as fur or leather.

All the products from our store are cruelty free & vegan!

Here are our hand-picked gifts for Mother’s Day:

Tech moms

Ideal for those sustainable cool moms.

  1. Embroidered Laptop Case: Hemp and cotton computer case made by hand and dyed with Myrobalan and Granada. Furthermore, the outer embroidery is completely handmade, this makes each one a unique product. Available for 13 and 15 inch laptops

2. Recycled wireless charger: The perfect gift for recycling fans. The charger shell is made 100% out of recycled ABS, USB cable is also made from recycled materials. The rice husk charger mount is made from a circular material. To conclude, this wireless charger supports all devices that are enabled with a wireless charging receiver.

Yoga moms

3. Yoga May Designed by Ula Basìnska: The artist that created the design of this mat from House of Mats, lives in Patagonia Argentina. She vibrates the feeling of being part of nature. The bottom of this mat is a 100% natural rubber. Furthermore, it’s formaldehyde-free, made with ethically sourced, premium materials. And, of course, it’s long-lasting. 

4. Performance Hoodie Sand Grey: The Iron Roots performance line is meant for any workout: from relaxing yoga to intense CrossFit. This product belongs to a plant-based line with antibacterial and breathable properties.

5. Leggings with pockets: These Save The Wave high-waisted leggings are designed with external hip phone pockets & a triangle gusset for maximum mobility. Made with finest quality fabric, ECONYL® yarn, a regenerated nylon fiber from old fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic rescued from all over the world. Equally important, these products are fairly made in Indonesia.

Match with other Save The Wave items to complete the outfit! 

Flirty moms

Does your mom like to take care of her skin and body? These ideas will enchant her!

6. Skincare Gift Bundle:  All UpCircle products are made with repurposed and natural ingredients such as coffee grounds. They are great for your skin and the environment. Formulated without palm oil, parabens, phthalates, silicones, mineral oil or parfum. They are vegan and 100% cruelty-free. Also, the packaging is totally recyclable.

This pack includes the following full-sized products:

  • Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil 
  • Face Toner with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Coffee Face Scrub – Herbal Blend
  • Kaolin Clay Face Mask
  • Chocolate Charcoal Chai Soap Bar
  • UpCircle Drawstring Bag

7. Reusable make-up pads: Did you know that every year we use an average of more than 500 disposable cotton pads per person. With these Bambooya pads your mom can take a first step towards a more sustainable world. Made out of 100% organic bamboo and cotton fibers, totally plastic free & vegan. 

8. Shower power gift box: This  plastic-free, zero-waste gift box it’s a great way into an eco-friendly journey.
Beewise lavender shampoo & conditioner bars are made only with natural ingredients without synthetic fragrances. Also, the plant-based loofah sponge exfoliates skin and stimulates blood circulation.

9. Teseida face + body scrub: Creamy exfoliating scrub formulated with micro-granules of almond and hazelnut shells. This Cinque Sensi scrub is able to gently remove dead cells, sebum and impurities. Allowing the regeneration of new epithelial cells, leaves the skin hydrated and smooth. Furthermore, essential oils of mandarin and grapefruit stimulate microcirculation and lighten skin spots.

Practical moms

If she likes to always be ready and take care of the planet, check out these gifts!

10. Reusable notebook:  This is the perfect gift if your mom loves to write but not to waste. The secret of this sustainable notebook is that the sheets are made of stone paper. A thicker and firmer kind of paper that is also tear and water resistant. You can erase what you wrote with a wet cloth. So… save paper with this earth-aligned notebook from Betere


11. Reusable coffee cup to-go: Is coffee your mom’s favorite drink for on the go or at the office? Disposable cups are a thing of the past! The ultimate cup from VANN is a must-have. The stainless steel design with double walls preserves the temperature. It’s of course, durable and environmentally friendly!


 12. Handwoven textile: Inabel is a textile with a weaving process called Abel. Using traditional wooden looms by a group of skilled weavers in the northern Philippines. This beautiful and light weight towel from Always Summer is the perfect accessory to accompany your mom everywhere.

13. Reusable Collapsible Straw: All moms must be ready to have a drink! Every day, we discard billions of used plastic drinking straws all over the world.

These reusable from Beewise can be the best tool for sipping on a morning iced coffee, favorite juice, cocktail, and any other kind of drink. Each set contains two BPA-free straws, and in addition a portable carrying bag, and a cleaning brush.


14. Kala Camp Backpack: This bag is made of hemp and cotton with a hand loom. In the interior you’ll find a pocket for laptops up to 13 inches and two exterior pockets with zip closure. Lastly, artisans in Nepal make the ends of the mountain rope in copper. 

Comfy moms

Every mom needs a moment to chill!

15- Swedish Go’Bitar: 15 Go’bitar in 5 different flavors: Cinnamon, Raspberry, Chocolate Coconut, Cookie Dough and Chocolate Coffee.

Fikat makes, wraps and sends this box directly to your receiver’s mailbox. They also handwrite the giver’s and receiver’s name on every single box. All Go’bitar are 100% plant-based, hand-made, and come in fully plastic-free packaging.

It also includes a Mother’s Day card!

Also, it’s hand-made in Utrecht

16. Garnet Pyjama: Jampis pajamas are 100% organic cotton and have the GOATS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate.

The design, elaboration of the organic fabric,dyeing, pattern making and manufacturing it’s entirely produced in Barcelona

What’s more, all pajamas are unisex and sizes are adaptable to most types of bodies.


17. Green Jasmine Tea: Green jasmine tea is #4 of The Eden Girl. It’s bursting with health benefits: improves brain function, blood flow, and lowers cholesterol. The jasmine blossoms relieve stress and improve the immune system. Besides, this tea has a delicate and subtle flavor with notes of sweet floral, a fresh after taste and a perfumed aroma.

17. Chai Latte Soy Wax Candle: To complete the chill combo, with an indulging warming scent of a chai infused soy wax candle. Moreover, the scent it’s carefully crafted to create sense of comfort. This candle has the warming scent of sweet vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Reused, repurposed, reloved: This vegan soy candle brings chai spices previously used to create chai syrup. Also… Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Designy moms

If she loves unique designs, this is for her.

18. Palermo Ring: This statement ring made of melted solid sterling silver is a festival of culture. Its blackened finish gives the ring a unique style. Also, Lupin Lime believes in being an active player in Latin American culture. Committed to contributing to improve the lives of vulnerable people on the continent. Furthermore, they  provide them professional goldsmith training and facilitate jobs within their supplier network.

19. Indigo and Papaya Crochet Hat: Hand crochet of handmade hemp and cotton yarn. In addition, it’s dyed naturally with indigo and blonde.

The mixture of cotton and hemp makes this hat soft and flexible. Specially designed for colorful spring and summer days.Why Hemp? Because hemp is the most regenerative plant on the planet, it absorbs CO2 like no other plant and regenerates the soil substrate. Furthermore, it is much more resilient and efficient than cotton and needs 10 times less water.

20. Fragment Low Sneakers by QURC: Made out of natural cork-leather, these awesome shoes also have OnSteam faux suede in their desing. They use natural cork for the upper and recycled rubber for the soles. Of course, they guarantee sustainability and high comfort. All the materials used are 100% vegan.

Available in 3 different color ways.

About Cork harvesting
Harvesting cork doesn’t need a single tree cutted down. It’s an environmentally friendly process.

Last but not least…

21. Mother’s Day Digital Gift Card: Gift unique and sustainable experiences with the Bluehouse Mother’s Day Digital Gift Card! Let your mom choose her own gift this year!

It’s easy: You can set an amount, choose the image and send the Mother’s Day Gift Card directly to your mom’s email address. 

She can start shopping from the minute she receives it. It’s the perfect gift!

Also, don’t forget to browse all our special Mother’s Day selections HERE!

Hope you enjoyed our selection, keep in touch for more sustainable ideas!

See you soon!