The use of natural products in household care has never been more relevant.


Because we’ve already told you, on a previous post, about the hidden household toxins you need to watch out for, that are omnipresent in most commercial brands.

They harm your health and the planet’s. And can even damage your house materials and surfaces!

Luckily, there are sustainable alternatives for you to clean your place in an ethical way.

So, if you want to be a conscious consumer, check out these natural products that your home (and yourself!) will fall in love with.

Believe us, we’ve tried them all and they are amazing!

Cleaning multipurpose soap bar by Soypa

This is an unscented and biodegradable multipurpose soap that is strong for dirt, yet safe for the environment due to the cleansing properties of coconut oil salts. It contains a low-toxic formula with organic, plant-based ingredients (sodium cocoate, EU organic/NL-BIO-01, and

naturally occurring glycerine) and comes in a plastic-free packaging. Plus, as it is handmade, every soap bar unique varying in design and weight!

Eco Dish Soaps

These soaps replace the need for plastic bottles and single-use packaging. They are made from recycled cooking oil without any rancid smell, very efficient in cleaning all areas of your house (not just dishes!). They are eco friendly, circular, and biodegradable. 

Elicious: sustainable soap dishes

This brand produces sustainable items made from bamboo and ceramics. Bamboo has become very popular and for good reason: it is convenient to use and prevents deforestation. This is because it is simply a fast growing plant and is completely degradable. Almost everything from the bamboo plant can be used! On the other hand, choosing ceramics is also ecologically responsible. This product is 100% composed of natural materials and is produced by hand with no harmful effects on the environment. Plus, it lasts super long.

Eco-friendly laundry wash, carpet cleaner and toilet scrub 

The Eden Girl produces all these amazing and planet-friendly items that will keep your house clean and the environment healthy. The launry powder contains no bleach or toxins and is completely vegan, biodegradable, and natural, scented with essential oils. The toilet scrub has powerful sodiums and minerals that will clean and disinfect your toilet bowl without bleach or toxins. And the carpet cleaner, naturally scented from pine essential oil, can be used on carpets, rugs, upholstry, mattresses, and pet beds.

Wax strips detergent by Boen

This is an amazing detergent in the form of wax strips that can be applied to white, black, and colored clothes, as well as delicates. It comes in a plastic-free packaging, is vegan and cruelty-free, biodegradable and smells like fresh floral. It has natural ingredients (plant-based and not tested on animals) that make ir gentle on your clothes, and it is hypoallergenic. A good tip? It is great for traveling!

Recycled Fishing Net Sponge by Boavista

These amazing sponges are made of leftover fishing nets rescued from the ocean, developed by Brazilian artist Nara Guichon. They are hand-sewn by a group of women from a poor community in SC, generating income and supporting local work there. They are an excellent replacement for the common sponges that need to be replaced every 3 months: if well maintained, these ones can last for about 3 years! 

ZO: non-toxic, vegan and waste-free cleaning products

ZO only produces products that biodegrade easily because the raw materials for their cleaning agents and soaps occur in nature. That’s why you’ll never see hazard symbols on the packaging! Rest assured: all their items are safe for humans, animals and materials. Besides, their production process occurs in the Netherlands to keep transport limited.

Beautiful sustainable wooden brushes 

These are all fully biodegradable and perfect for your sustainable lifestyle. You can also replace the heads when they have been used to the max, which are made from natural fibers (agave from Mexico) and untreated beechwood from local sustainably managed forests. The handles are made from FSC accredited timber. 

Concentrated Cleaning tablets by Savvy

They are completely plastic-free and don’t involve the transport of water! You have a bathroom, glass and multipurpose version. They are powerful against dirt, but gentle on the environment, and will last you much longer than a traditional detergent, without unnecessary CO2 emissions. Also, they are vegan and cruelty-free. 

These natural products don’t contain harsh chemicals, are plastic-free and support circularity.

They are not tested on animals and are made with ethical production processes.

Plus, they have super cool designs! 

Choosing them means opting for a more compassionate and eco-friendly lifestyle.

So we hope you can check them out!