To make your work easier, we have some important points for a smart choice. In this article you’ll find how to choose safe and sustainable candles to ignite your conscious spark.

We use candles in rituals, as decorations but also to bring scents into the air that give us peace of mind. The problem is that not all candles are made equally. It’s important to be wise about the origin of the raw ingredients and if what remains in the air is harmful to our body or the environment.

So.. what do we need to avoid?

The candle business it’s huge, according to The Eco Hub this industry is worth about 3.5 billion dollars. The main problem is that most of the candles are made from a cheap (yet dangerous) material: paraffin wax. This product comes from petroleum and it’s in part contributing to global warming

Furthermore, this byproduct of crude oil creates and releases toxic chemicals as benzene and toluene. Therefore, burning these candles enables those chemicals to be released directly into your homes.

For this reason we always insist on the importance of reading the labels, if it says “made from unspecified mixtures”, or “mineral wax” it is surely paraffin or other synthetic ingredients.

There are other options for a sustainable candle such as: beeswax (we prefer 100% vegan wax!), coconut wax or soy wax (our favorite) since it comes from natural ingredients and is much less harmful when lit. Of course, they must always be of responsible origin and production to be a sustainable option.

Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from soybean. As Botanica Idea tells us: after smashing and the hydrogenation process, some unsaturated fatty acids in the oil are transformed to saturated, this allows the oil to turn solid at normal temperature. 

“Though there are environmental benefits in using soy wax, it also burns slower than paraffin wax, resulting in a longer-lasting candle.”

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What about scents and wicks?

Besides the main structure of a candle, we need to be aware of the fragrances used in them. When reading the label on the back of a scented candle, you will probably find ingredients hard to read or understand.

Many of the paraffin ones use artificial fragrances that can release harmful chemicals when we light them such as phthalates, among others as our friends from Hippa started. In addition, there are studies that link the latter with alterations in hormonal balance by being an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC).


Alternatively, essential oils naturally extracted from plants and flowers can be a great option for an eco-friendly candle fragrance.

And last but not least, make sure the candle wicks are made from natural and clean burning materials. This candle core can be made of cotton, hemp or wood. Yes, crackling wooden wicks are also a safe option, here are some tips to use them at their best. 

Sustainable candles

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