About us

Bluehouse is a marketplace for conscious goods. We are an eco friendly platform with the mission to inform about and bring closer ethical, transparent and sustainable products for those who pursue well-being. 

Our main goal within the marketplace is to create the biggest network of ethical producers to help buyers in their search for conscious goods and to enhance the market for a better world. 

You, me, us and everyone make the Bluehouse World.

The story

We live a life in constant contact with nature and its wonders. As kids, we climbed trees and mountains, swam across lakes, surfed the oceans, skied in the snow, ran with the wind, played with the rhythm of nature and loved to do so. 

We grew up getting informed by books and our parents, and with the launch of the internet and today’s access to infinite information we are now even more caught up. We have become aware of how bad our impact on the planet is due to our consumption habits, a product of our culture. In turn, we realized that without people like us in action together there will not be much time left for the next generations to appreciate the beauty of the life we enjoyed as children.

This is why we merged our interest, knowledge, studies and desires to create this Earth-loving marketplace. We wish to put our strengths together in the hope of expanding and improving this growing sustainable economy.

We are Bluehouse, the conscious marketplace, an online hub that brings conscious buyers and ethical sellers together, so that they may interact and empower each other to change the world. 

Why choose Bluehouse as your Conscious Marketplace?

Our hosting use renewable energy.

We are fully aware of the impact of Data center on the environment and it is in our hands to actively mitigate it by committing with green providers.

We work together with brands that care about you and our planet.

The brands published at Bluehouse comply with our Blue Labels.

We provide our vendors with green logistics.

We are aware about pollution created by logistics, and that's why our partners are Fietskoeriers: the first and only bicycle delivery service that delivers throughout the Netherlands

Information and transparency

We provide essential information for potential consumers and a growing community. Transparency on brand information is the key. All sellers must show information about their procedures and their product ingredients.

1% for our Blue Planet

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