Respira Air

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The air-purifying smart garden that takes care of yourself and itself. Respira destroys airborne toxins through the power of nature while providing a fully automated gardening experience.



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The air-purifying smart garden that takes care of itself. Respira is a fully automated smart garden that actively waters, lights, and feeds your plants so you never kill a plant again. Respira also actively purifies the air we breathe using the microbiome located within the plants rootzone which breaks down and destroys airborne toxins. Beyond air purification, Respira adds humidity and a direct connection to nature to improve the health of your home.

Hoe het product wordt gemaakt

Respira is being produced out of non polluting plastic. The unit is built modular to make it easy to replace parts if they fail. This way Respira never needs a full replacement and can last a lifespan! The pre-washable filter allows for a 25 year lifespan without needing to be replaced.

Hoe te gebruiken

Respira is a set it and forget it product. Once unpacked either place it on the floor stand or hang it on the wall using the hanging bracket. Once powered on, fill the water reservoir,  set the lighting schedule and let Respira do the rest. Respira can be planted with either your own plants or one of the carefully selected plant palettes. Respira IOT features enable you to receive water- or nutrient levels or other alerts right to your smart device.

Size Chart

100 x 28 x 55 cm

Product Care

Respira was designed to take the guesswork out of gardening. All you have to do is water every 14-28 days and add nutrients every 4-5 months. For optimal performance, rinse the pre-filter every 6 months to ensure proper airflow. Simply select the lightning level in your room, Respira will make sure your plants get the perfect amount of light.


Respira is the solution to replace old air filters that need replacement, Respira never needs a replacement filter. The plants take care of the air purification using bio-filtration. Respira is built to create a healthy indoor environment without causing any waste. Respira was designed to be a zero waste alternative to traditional HEPA air purifiers which create 12.000 tons of HEPA filter waste annually.

Verzendlanden:: Nederland

Gewicht 15 kg
Afmetingen 100 × 55 × 28 cm


Hydroponic plants palette

None, Tropical, Pothos, Pet friendly, Vibrant

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