We believe that celebrating an eco-friendly, healthy and sustainable Christmas should be easy.

Our annual festivities have shocking environmental consequences. Some Environmentalists say Christmas is one of the world’s greatest annual environmental disasters.

Everything during the festive season occurs at a mass size. For example, electricity consumption increases due to the excessive use of lights. The damage to the environment is very serious, as carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions grow and contribute to the production of greenhouse gases. Another problem is the unnecessary amount of waste that outnumbers those produced in the rest of the year.

A research from Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York claims that: 

Our total consumption and spending on food, travel, lighting and gifts over three days of festivities could result in as much as 650 kg of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) per person, 5.5% of the annual emissions.

But lucky us! As consumers, and drivers of our life decisions, we can enhance a harmless end of year. 

Here are 10 ways to have a more joyful and conscious Holidays this year:

1: Avoid non-recyclable wrapping paper. 

There are lots of alternativas that you can use to wrap a present. For sure, at your house you can find old magazines or newspaper sheets to reuse. But if you are looking for something special, Beewise has these incredible cloth wrapping options.

2: Play Secret Santa with your family and friends.

Everybody expect a present for this time of the year.

Consider suggesting a Secret Santa as an alternative to the usual gift exchange with friends and family. It will allow you to invest more money into a single, better considered gift rather than buying lots of little things that may (sadly) end up in landfill.

3: Have a Cruelty Free Christmas Dinner. 

Going Vegan is one of the biggest ways to reduce your environmental impact. Try new receipes and surprise your loved ones with a harmless, tasty and healthy meal. This blog will make you a master vegan chef.

Cinnamon Roll

4: Pick Thoughtful, Quality Presents

We are proud to present all the brands that have joined Bluehouse World. Gift presents with meanings and an eco-friendly background. Choose brands that care about you and the planet.

5:  Decor your house with natural light and scent

Each day of December becomes darker and darker, and candles create a cozy ambiance, and lighten up our homes.

Did you know that most conventional candles are made of paraffin wax? Paraffin is made from fossil fuels, this means that they are unsustainable, bad for your health and your home. Not only is harvesting paraffin wax harmful to the planet, burning it even furthers its environmental damage.

Here are some brands that chooses natural ingredients and cruelty free production to create their products:

6: Consider Non-Plastic Christmas Cards

Reduce your waste by opting for cards that come without plastic wrapper, and buy cards made from 100% recycled paper, or embossed on sturdy cotton paper like these ones made with love from STUDIO FLASH. 

7: Give Something Back

If you don’t know what to give and you want to do good to the planet, you can donate to NGOs you share values with. Here are some platforms which will help you find a cause to donate to:

  • Only.one >> Help rebuild ocean life and tackle the climate crisis
  • Seaspiracy.org >>Support the mission to fight for the ocean and marine life.
  • Secure.peta.nl >> Protect the animal from cruelty.
  • Open Arms >>Protect the life of the most vulnerable in emergency situations.

8: Seek wisely the product materials and Upcycled production processes.

Instead of buying plastic ornaments, wreaths, and decorations shipped from overseas, make your own. From the pine trees, seashells, river stones, and evergreen branches you can create your own Christmas decorations. Also, you can recycle paper to create paper snowflakes and glass jars to do snowglobes. 

You will be upcycling your unused materials at home, feeding your creativity and using the spare time to disconnect from the virtual world and connect with the present. 

Hier you can find  some tutorials to create your own SnowGlobe from glass Jars. tegoeden: Mason jar Craft love.Mason Jar Crafts: Christmas Mason Jar Snow Globe Craft Idea

9: Opt for real Christmas Trees that can grow, not a cutted tree. Or reuse, recycle. 

If you buy a rooted lifeful Christmas tree you can take care of it for the rest of the year and create a vivid scene as your tree grows. 

How to take care of it >>

10: Spend Time In Nature

Last but no least! 

Go outside, connect with nature and what surrounds you. We belong to the wilderness, and if we have a relationship with the planet, we are more likely to identify as connected to it and feel responsibility to protect it.

Gift Joy. Save The Planet. #SpreadAwareness